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A project based, linear approach to learning React.js and the React.js ecosystem.

You'll learn the following...

  • React.js
  • ES6
  • Redux
  • ImmutableJS
  • Webpack
  • React Router
  • Universal React
  • Babel
  • Testing
  • CSS Modules
  • React Native
  • React Router Redux
  • Code Splitting
  • Hot Module Replacement
  • NPM
  • ESLint
  • Firebase
  • and More

Learning Methodologies

Linear Approach

A common complaint when learning a new technology is that there's typically no linear roadmap. You're left piecing together documentation from blog posts only to find you're still missing critical pieces. This is even worse with React because you're not only piecing together different resources, but also different technologies. React.js Program fixes this by taking a linear approach, with each course building on the next so there aren’t any gaps in your roadmap to learn React.


Passive learning gives you the illusion of learning without any of the benefits. The real learning however comes from actually building something and this entire program is built around that fact. In each course you'll see two different projects. One we'll build together via the videos and one you'll build on your own via the curriculum. That means by the time you're finished with the program you'll have been exposed to eight separate projects.

All Learning Types

Everyone learns differently, though we all benefit from repetition. The entire React.js Program was designed with this in mind. Every lesson includes both text and video; the text focuses on the topic itself, while the video applies the topic to a real world project. Every lesson also ends with a quiz to verify you're learning what you should be learning.


React.js Fundamentals

The modularity of the React ecosystem is extremely powerful for building applications. However, this can be a nightmare when you're first starting out. To even get a React app up and running you need the right combination of React, Webpack, and Babel. In this course we'll start from a blank folder and we'll build an application that encompasses everything you need to get started building production ready apps with React (including Routing and Ajax requests). If you're new to React, there's no better place to start than right here.

ES6/ES7 for React

If you haven't taken a look at ES6/7 yet you're missing out on some amazing advances to the JavaScript language. From object destructuring and template strings to two new ways to declare variables, you'll never look at JavaScript the same way. However, instead of a taking the normal approach of learning ES6/7 by one off examples, we're going to learn it in the context of refactoring a "real world" React app from ES5. When you're done, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Redux + ImmutableJS

This course is the real deal. If you’re sick of “Todolist” Redux tutorials, you’ve come to the right place. In this course, you’ll learn why Redux is essential for managing state in your application. You’ll build a real world application so you can see how Redux handles edge cases like optimistic updates and error handling. You’ll also learn about many other technologies that work well with Redux such as Immutable.js, Firebase, and CSS Modules.

React Native

If you’ve ever wanted to build an iOS or Android app but didn’t want to learn ObjectiveC / Swift / Xcode / Java, now’s your chance. In this course, you'll learn to build a production ready iOS and Android React Native app and then you'll submit that app to both the App Store as well as the Google Play store.​ With over seven hours of video, 9,5000 words of text, and curriculum to work through yourself, this is the most in depth React Native course ever built.

Universal React

A major benefit of React is the ability to render it server-side for improved initial page loads and SEO. This also allows you to share code between the server and your client. Combine server-side rendering with code splitting and we’re basically living in the future. In this course, you’ll learn all about rendering React (and Redux) on the server. You’ll also learn about the most effective ways to test your React code.

Coming Soon


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Hi! I'm Tyler. I'm currently the CTO of Spero where we're building a React Native app that is helping connect individuals affected by Cancer. Before Spero I discovered my love for teaching at DevMountain as the Lead Instructor and Curriculum Engineer. I've taught thousands of people about React through both my personal blog and I'm a Google Developer Expert. I organized React.js Utah and ReactWeek. Sometimes I ramble on JavaScript air as a Co-host and I also help run React Newsletter and Front End Newsletter.


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When will these courses be available?

React Fundamentals, ES6/7 for React, Redux + Immutable, and React Native are available now. Universal React will launch later this year.

I'm already familiar with React can I jump straight to Redux, Universal React, or React Native?

Whatever you're comfortable with. This program was built to easily compose together but also retain modularity if needed. See what I did there?

Want to check out the curriculum?

All of the curriculum is open sourced and can be found HERE.


9.6/10 average rating
with over 30,000 students

I was just starting to get back into programming again, first I learned Javascript, then NodeJS, but when I tried to learn React, I felt the "JavasSript fatigue". React scared me so much that I decided to focus just on back-end development. The problem is that most job offers that I had access to in Brazil required a full stack development skill set. Then I saw this course and decided to give it a shot... and it changed everything for me! I'm starting to feel like I'm in control and that I can get that job as a full stack developer. Thank you Tyler!

I was told about this course by a colleague when I mentioned I wanted to bone up on React. I was amazed by the quality, coherence, and teaching style in this free program and am seriously considering continuing with the paid courses even though I already pay for other resources like Pluralsight and Front-end Masters. It feels like going through this well-put-together ReactJS program would make me React proficient in far less time than the usual little bit here little bit there approach. Thanks Tyler for putting this together.

I first met React here and fell in love, will check out other courses as well, thank you :)

One of the best course anyone can take. Great style fast, engaging and fun!

This course is really simple to follow through and provides the right information at the right time (not over loading the person reading through). I liked the intro text before the video as it helped me to take my time & grasp the concepts before I view the video and see things in action. I'm really satisfied with the course and I'm glad I did this as my first "get to know React course" :)"

Great overview of React and Webpack! Explanations were concise and painted a clear picture of the reasoning behind using React and building components. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is overwhelmed by the React ecosystem and wants to know where and how to start.

I'm new to React.js but worked with Angular.js previously and this course was perfect for me in order to learn the basics and start having some fun with React.js and making a transition to start developing my SPA projects with it.

Every lesson perfectly leads to the next, no assumptions in knowledge of any one part of React, at the same time no repetition of material. Fast paced but well paced!

A lot of courses tend to skip over the foundations leaving you able to play around but not really sure how it actually works. Tyler does an amazing job explaining how all the pieces work from a blank canvas so you can feel confident building your own production-ready apps going forward. He's done an incredible job teaching the fundamentals of ReactJS in a fun, easy-to-follow way!

This React Fundamentals Course was extremely beneficial for me. The combination of text lessons, video tutorials, quizzes, and interactive curriculum is really effective - way better than trying to learn via random blog posts and web articles. The information was very detailed, but not overwhelming. I especially liked the attention given to setting up the dev environment and tools! Can't wait to take the next course.

Tyler was such a great mentor as he walked us through Reactjs fundamentals. English is not my first language but you could easily understand the definition of every terminology there is by his choice of words. I'd highly recommend this course and his future courses.

Tyler's explanation don't just dig into how, but WHY he's making the choices in code. Tyler also includes some great refactoring in the videos and delves into his process as to why and when he refactors code--something that is very difficult to explain.

I found this course incredibly good. The instructor makes sure anyone can understands what's going on, not assuming you have a strong background. I am really thankful that there's someone willing to spend all this time in putting this together and sharing their knowledge with randoms. I am sure Tyler is a great programmer but he is also a great teacher.

I went into each unit of this course thinking "I know this, but it'll be good review." The course then proceeded to smash my assumptions smashed and re-instill my humility. Since I use React on a daily basis already, I was right: it was good review. But it was so much more, touching on lots of areas of React that I hadn't learned before. Thanks Tyler!

A very good series for React. Everything, no matter how small, is described very well - especially Webpack. Studying various methods, features, lifecycle, code path, refactoring while building github battle app brick by brick gave sense of achievement and comprehension. A course for developers, by a developer. Highly recommended!

Coming from an AngularJS background I've been looking to learn more about React but had a hard time getting started with other introductions. This program is well paced and well thought out. I feel confident enough to continue working on React and improving my skills with the platform. This is pretty awesome overall.

ReactJS Program lifted me out of my curmudgeon-y ways of grumbling at JavaScript libraries and frameworks the way Abe Simpson yells at clouds. I see the light, so to speak, and it's beautiful!

I enjoyed the course. I felt more comfortable with ReactJS as I was going through the course. I appreciate the effort putting into this. I also enjoyed the webpack explanation, the best I have read.

This step by step course has really helped me solidify many of the ideas in react. I intend to continue onwards to further bolster the ideas taught in the follow up curriculum. You can tell that Tyler really put time and effort into making these - thanks bro.

Awesome course on the React framework. You will learn some solid fundamentals that will take you a long way and save you time in the long run. Very clear explanations and walkthroughs on a tough subject. Really enjoyed every moment of it. Highly recommended!

Just sit through for first two lectures, You want to continue finish them all.. That's the beauty of Tyler's lectures; One of the best teachers I've ever had - Highly recommend joining this course, worth the time and effort.

Reactjs program is the perfect combination of video tutorials, posts and quizzes to get you started with React!

Really great course. I haven't done web development since full pages reloads were the norm. Tyler made it easy to follow and setup without completely overwhelming me with new tools. I feel I have a basic grasp of what and how to use React now.

Great and comprehensive course. I highly recommend it both to beginners and above because you still learn new things you didn't know.

React Fundamentals course is mandatory for any developer starting with React. I learned a lot. Thank you.

The best React tutorial I've ever seen on the whole web!

Extremely clear and well paced, good transitions and purposeful content.

Top class tutorial that makes it easy for front end developers to join the beautiful world of React.

This is one of the best JavaScript courses ever. Thank you!

The best react tutorial. Tyler makes React delightfully simple. Full of Knowledge and Essentials of React. The only tutorial where I actually managed to get React up and running.

There are vast amount of tutorials out there for react, but this one teaches how and why things are the way they are in React. Great for introducing anyone to react and to start thinking in React (and move away from jQuery!)

I am by no means a frontend developer, but I was interested in properly learning React for some things I am developing. This has by far been the best introduction to React, and to the highly confusing mess that is the frontend ecosystem in general.

Awesome course! It points out greatly the benefits of pure functions, composability and hints some FP principles, without derailing too much from the course. Would definily recommend.

There is so much misinformation out there on ReactJS. Great to finally see someone combine best practices with a step-by-step guide to the fundamentals.

Great course that made learning the basics of React painless and easy, looking forward to continuing with future courses.

Tyler has produced one of the best tutorials for any language or framework I've seen. There is finally a Laracasts for React!!!

Love the presentation. So much thought and love was put into this it's priceless for a beginner like me. I really learned a lot in a short time.

Tried many different sources to learning ReactJS. This is the most complete, and yet still beginner friendly.

Great overview of React, and how to get started with the React ecosystem!

This course demystified not only react but corner parts of javascript and node.js! I highly recommend it.

Amazing course! Would definitely try the other courses!

If you want to learn React, this is one of the best places to do it.

ReactJsProgram - The best course I've ever seen. Many structured material and a lot of examples and references.

I don't usually make it to the end of online courses, finding them too slow or boring. But this was great! Pitched at the right level for developers who are looking to get into React, and Tyler makes it look so easy, but it really has given me a good basis to start working with React from!

This course was absolutely incredible. I just started doing front end at my job which uses ReactJS and this course came out at the perfect time for me. Almost everything I learned in this course was transferable to the workplace and I was quickly up to speed pushing live React code alongside all the other front end devs. Tyler is an amazing teacher!